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(1923-) Professor of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania. Holding two Columbia University doctorates (psychology and sociology), Klausner joined the University of Pennsylvania faculty in 1967, where he has been an associate of the university's Program in Energy Management and Policy, the Middle East Center, and the Jewish Studies Program as well as a member of the graduate group in Religious Studies. Joining the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion in 1957, he served as Executive Secretary (1964-1970), editor of its journal (1966), and Vice President (1971-1973). He has also been chair of the social science section of the American Academy of Religion (1969-1971) and President of the Association for the Social Scientific Study of Jewry (1975-1977).

Klausner's publications have ranged over social theory, social psychology, environmental sociology, and the sociology of religion. In this last area, he has published Psychiatry and Religion (Free Press 1964) and, with Edward Foulkes, Eskimo Capitalist (Allanheld 1982). He is currently working on a book on mass religious conversion with special attention to the conversion of American Jews to Christianity.

Arnold M. Dashefsky

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