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(1921-) After receiving a Ph.D. from Stanford in 1954, Curtis taught at St. Louis University, Canisius College, Marquette University, and the University of San Francisco, which saw his retirement in 1986. President, American Catholic Sociological Society, 1961.

Curtis's early work in the sociology of religion was concerned with group marginality and religious practices; he also received a Ford Foundation grant to study urban parishes as social areas (1956). His later areas of research and publication were in medical sociology.

Considered by some in the ACSS as a "young Turk," he was one of the members seeking to break a ghettolike mentality among Catholic sociologists in the society. This came to a head in 1964 when the society restricted the focus of the American Catholic Sociological Review to the sociological study of religion and American Catholicism, and changed the publication's name to Sociological Analysis , a title it retained until 1993 when it became Sociology of Religion.

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