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(1944-) B.A., UCLA (1966); master's (1968) and doctorate (1974), University of Chicago. President, Association for the Social Scientific Study of Jewry (1981-1983).

His study (1979) of the long-term impact of childhood Jewish education on adult Jewish religious involvement was among the first to use multivariate analyses, and pointed to the threshold of cumulative hours necessary to have lasting effects. He also has examined the dimensions of Jewish identity (Himmelfarb and Loar 1984) and the methodological advisability of using distinctive Jewish names (DJN) to locate a study population.

J. Alan Winter


H. S. Himmelfarb, "Agents of Religious Socialization Among American Jews," Sociological Quarterly 20(1979):477-494

H. S. Himmelfarb and R. M. Loar, "National Trends in Jewish Ethnicity: A Test of the Polarization Hypothesis," Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 23(1984):140-154.

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