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(1922-1995) Sociologist; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania (1960). Hughes taught at the University of Notre Dame (1955-1961) and at Villanova University, where he ended his teaching career in 1986. President, American Catholic Sociological Society, 1963.

As president of the ACSS, Hughes reiterated a major concern voiced by the previous five presidents in their presidential addresses: the scientific quality of the work of American Catholic sociologists and the (in)adequacy of their empirical approach. Hughes argued that their religion did not bar Catholics from being scientists. He closed his 1963 presidential address by stating that what Catholics "can offer our discipline by way of sound scientific work is more important than how we are viewed" (ACSR , 1963, p. 301). It was during his presidency that a poll of ACSS members resulted in changing the name of the American Catholic Sociological Review to Sociological Analysis , reflecting a change in editorial focus from the generalities of sociology to the sociological particularities of religion, especially those of Catholicism.

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