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(1890-1981) Ph.D., University of Chicago. Ordained clergyman, United Church of Christ. Beginning in 1928, he taught sociology of religion at Chicago Theological Seminary and in addition was recognized (1942) as a member of the Federated Theological Faculty of the University of Chicago.

Through the many student projects that he directed under church auspices, Kincheloe used metropolitan Chicago as a laboratory for teaching as well as for helping churches adjust to the changing city. In such works as The American City and Its Church (Friendship 1938) and "The Behavior Sequence of a Dying Church" (Religious Education , Vol. 24, No. 4, 1929), he used concepts of the "Chicago School" of sociology such as competition, adaptation, and succession within the concentric circle-and-sector framework of urban development; ecology, anthropology, and social interaction were used in developing long-term case studies.

Everett L. Perry

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