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Archive of Quick Questions

This archive is of the factoids featured on the HIRR homepage.  The Quick Questions were drawn from studies and research reports contained on this web site.  The questions are arranged by the date which they appeared on the home page.


dot How do you find your favorite page on our new site?
November 2006

dot Has interfaith activity increased since 9-11?
July 2006

dotWhere are all of the megachurches?
May 2006

dot Are more or less women entering seminaries today?
January 2006

dotHow do you celebrate Christmas?
December 2005

Are you paying your pastor enough?
October 2005

How many Megachurches are there?
May 2005

Did you attend Church last week? 
March 2005

Do Americans bowl alone or together?
December 2004

What do you know about your Interfaith Neighbor?
September 2004

Do American Muslims Want to be Involved in Public Life?
August 2004

Do Church Growth Consultations Really Work?
June 2004

What do Lay People Want in Pastors?
May 2004

Does Religion Shape Movie Viewing Habits for Teens?
April 2004

Does evangelism nurture church growth?
March 2004

Is Pentecostalism Christianity's next reformation? 
February 2004

How Do Faith-Based Social Services Incorporate Religion?
November 2003

What is the Religious Meaning in Faith-Based Social Service?
September 2003

How do you make pastoral misconduct in the congregation worse?
August 2003

Is there a clergy shortage?
May 2003

Are phone polls accurate?
April 2003

What ever happened to the Promise Keepers?
March 2003

How do Churches Reach Out to the Community?
January 2003

Are Evangelical Gender Roles Changing?
October 2002

What is a Church-Based Social Ministry?
August 2002

How Strong is Denominational Identity
July 2002

Do churches evangelize when they do social outreach?
June 2002

How quickly are Muslim mosques 
growing in the U.S.?

June 2002

How religiously active are gay men?
April 2002

How common is clergy sexual misconduct?
March 2002

How many Eastern Orthodox are there in the USA?
February 2002

How does faith exist in social services?
January 2002

Over 80% of US congregations help those in need. True or false?
December 2001

How common are interfaith ties among US congregations?  
November 2001

Are Catholics' practices changing?
October 2001

Are there more hugs or spankings in Evangelical families?
August 2001

How can I get "that online Religion?"
July 2001

Does Religion improve your health?
June 2001

When is average not average?
May 2001

Who are the mainline pastors talking to about homosexuality?
April 2001

What are the most common forms of congregational community service?
March 2001

How do congregations provide for the needy?
Jan. 2001

What's worse than a church without a web site?
Dec. 2000

Where do religion and politics merge?
Nov. 2000

What percentage of pastors are female?
Oct. 2000

Does the Modern American Family have enough time for Church?  
Sept. 2000

What is the most volatile issue facing mainline denominations?
Aug. 2000




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