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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hartford Institute for Religion Research?
We are a group of scholars who study religious groups and organizations.  We are part of Hartford Seminary.  Each of us teaches, does research, and writes on a diverse set of religious topics.  We do not directly address theological or biblical questions, rather we study the social scientific  dynamics of religious organizations.  We also network and do collaborative research with many denominations, scholars, and independent organizations around the country.

Who is Hartford Seminary?
Hartford Seminary is a non-denominational graduate-level theological educational institution.

What does Hartford Seminary do?
Hartford Seminary lives out its purpose by focusing on four interrelated and integrated areas of expertise:  developing leaders for communities of faith and ministry in daily life; working with religious institution of all faiths to strengthen the well being of their communities; supporting the lived faith of Muslims and Christian through interfaith engagement; and reflecting on the literature, theology, ethics, worship, and traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam as they enrich faithful living in contemporary life.   You can learn more about the Seminary by visiting its primary web site at http://www.hartsem.edu.

Who can I contact to get an answer in regard to a specific area of interest?
Our contact information page lists all of our faculty and their areas of expertise. 

It looks like there are supposed to be menus on the left side of the page but none come up for me... what's up?
The dynamic html pop-up navigational menus work only with newer versions of web browsers.  To get the full effects of our web site we suggest that you upgrade your browser. 

Some text is difficult to read.  Is  there a better way to view your site?
Yes!  If you are using Internet Explorer for your browser, you can click on VIEW in the toolbar, then select TEXT SIZE which will give you five different sizes in which to read the text.  If you are using Netscape, you can click on VIEW in the toolbar and select either INCREASE FONT or DECREASE FONT until you are comfortable with the size of the text.




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