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Building Effective Ministry:
Theory and Practice in the Local Church

edited by Carl Dudley

The following chapters of this out of print book are available in .pdf format. If you do not have Acrobat Reader to view these files, you may download it for free from their web site.

Cover, Table of contents, Contributors, and Preface

I. A Church in Transition

Chapter 1: The Case of Wiltshire Church: A Narrative
Alice Frazer Evans and Robert A. Evans

Chapter 2: The Case of Wiltshire Church: Background
Alice Frazer Evans and Robert A. Evans

II. Basic Building Blocks: The Application of Theory

Chapter 3: The Success and Failure of a Religious Club: A Psychological Approach
H. Barry Evans and Bruce Reed

Chapter 4: The Conflict of Corporate Church and Spiritual Community: An Ethnographic Analysis
Melvin D. Williams

Chapter 5: The Jovial Church: Narrative in Local Church Life: Literary Symbolism
James F. Hopewell

Chapter 6: From the Outside In and the Inside Out: A Sociological Approach
Jackson W. Carroll, William McKinney, and Wade Clark Roof

Chapter 7: Theologian at Work: Theological Ethics
Joseph C. Hough, Jr.

Chapter 8: Professionalism, Breakdown, and Revelation: Philosophical Theology
David S. Pancini

III. From Theory to Parish: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Effective Ministry

Chapter 9: Seeking Significant Intervention
Loren B. Mead

Chapter 10: A Practitioner's Perspective: Policy Planning
Lyle E. Schaller

Chapter 11: A Framework for Understanding and Helping the Church: Organization Development
H. Newton Malony

Chapter 12: Crisis, Communication, and Courage: A Ministry Development Approach
James Desmond Anderson

IV. Overviews

Chapter 13: The Practice of Ministry
Carl S. Dudley

Chapter 14: Integrating Approaches: A Practical Theology
Don Browning

Chapter 15: Focus on the Congregation: A Look to the Future
Barbara G. Wheeler

Understanding and Activating Congregations: A Bibliography
Carl S. Dudley and James F. Hopewell




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