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Church and Denominational Growth 
What does (and does not) cause growth 
or decline

Edited by David A. Roozen and
C. Kirk Hadaway

The following chapters of this out of print book are available in .pdf format.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader to view these files, you may download it for free from their web site.


Outside and Inside Cover
Table of Contents
Tables and Appendix Tables

Chapter One:  Denominations Grow as Individuals Join Congregations
David A. Roozen

Denominational Growth and Decline
C. Kirk Hadaway and David A. Roozen

Chapter Two:  New Church Development and Denominational Growth (1950 - 1998):  Symptom or Cause?
C. Kirk Hadaway and David A. Roozen

Chapter Three:  Strategies for Evangelism and Growth in Three Denominations (1965 - 1990)
Bruce A. Greer

Chapter Four:  Growth and Decline in an Inclusive Denomination:  The ABC Experience
Norman M. Green and Paul W. Light

The Growth and Decline of Congregations
C. Kirk Hadaway and David A. Roozen

Chapter Five:  A Short History of Church Growth Research
Kenneth W. Inskeep

Chapter Six:  Do Church Growth Consultations Really Work?
C. Kirk Hadaway

Chapter Seven:  The Effect of a Church Growth Strategy on United Church of Christ Congregations
Marjorie H. Royle

Chapter Eight:  Is Evangelistic Activity Related to Church Growth?
C. Kirk Hadaway

Chapter Nine:  Growth or Decline in Presbyterian Congregations
Wayne L. Thomson, Jackson W. Carroll, and Dean R. Hoge 

Chapter Ten:  Congregational Growth and Decline in Indiana Among Five Mainline Denominations
Daniel V.A. Olson

Chapter Eleven:  Belief Style, Congregational Climate and Program Quality
Michael J. Donahue and Peter L. Benson

Individuals and Church Choice

David A. Roozen and C. Kirk Hadaway

Chapter Twelve:  From Church Tradition to Consumer Choice:  The Gallup Surveys of the Unchurched American
Penny Long Marler and David A. Roozen

Chapter Thirteen:  Religion in the Canadian 1990's:  The Paradox of Poverty and Potential
Reginald W. Bibby

Chapter Fourteen:  Baby Boomers and the Return to the Churches
Wade Clark Roof and Sr. Mary Johnson

Chapter Fifteen:  Churched and Unchurched Black Americans 
Hart M. Nelsen and Conrad L. Kanagy

Chapter Sixteen:  Participation and Commitment Among American Catholic Parishoners
Michael R. Welch

Chapter Seventeen Church  Growth in North America:  The Character  of a Religious Marketplace
C. Kirk Hadaway







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