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Faith Communities Today
Alban Institute
Barna Research
Church and Social Science Information
Exchange (CHASSIE)
Elmer Towns' Web Site
Faith Community Research
Leadership Education at Duke University
Leadership Network
Louisville Institute
Ministry Health

Seabury Institute
Western Institute for Small Church Health

Congregational and Religious Data

Links to Religion data resources
Adherents.com - Religion Statistics
American Religion Data Archive 
Barna Research Online
Database of U.S. Megachurches
Faith Communities Today
List of Denominational Home Pages
Listing of Parachurch Groups and
National Congregations Study
NORC General Social Survey Data
National Election Studies
Percept's National Ethos Data
Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches

Congregational Reports and Bibliographies

Elmer Towns' Online Library
Religion, Culture and Family Project
Studying Congregations - A new handbook
Bibliography of scholarly writings in Congregational Studies
Resources for American Christianity

Congregational Studies Programs & Continuing Education

D.Min. program in Congregational Studies at Hartford Seminary
Princeton Seminary's Continuing Education Programs - Professional Leadership Development



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