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Congregational Survey Question Bank

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Resources for research methodology

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Faith Communities Today
The largest survey of congregations ever conducted in the United States, this project seeks to enhance the capacity of participating faith groups to conduct and use congregational research.  Directed by David Roozen and Carl Dudley of Hartford Institute. 

National Congregations Study
Conducted by Dr. Mark Chaves, this was the first religious study to use a new sampling methodology technique to generate a high-quality, nationally representative sample of congregations.  You may also read an in-depth description of the project on this site.

A Timeline of Almond Springs Episodes
This extended case study offers an interesting look at an ongoing congregational study. By participating virtually in one pastor's encounter with a new congregation, site visitors can experience the process of thinking critically about congregational dynamics while learning basic congregational study methods. This site is well worth a look.




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